Bring Privacy Back To Your Life.

Install an encrypted webmail-server in a country with strong privacy laws. In seconds.

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Private & SecureNo corporations. No governments. Only you read your mails. Learn how we do this.
Peace of MindIt's your server, but we set it up in a way that needs zero maintance.
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15 GigabyteImagine the convenience of your existing webmail, but read only by you and the people you invite.
• Import all your current data
• Unlimited addresses and mailboxes
• Works like the email you're used to
• Great interface on desktops and mobile devices
• All updates & server rent included
• Move your server anytime
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BusinessKeep your companies' mail private, with a level of security only corporates could afford. 10 users, $15 per extra user and plenty of services available.Request Early Access$ 99
Do it yourselfSet up a secure mailserver anywhere, completely free, on an old desktop or a dedicated server. Move it anytime. All in minutes instead of days.Request DownloadFree
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Got it. What happens next?
We currently develop and test the Minerva Fabric with a very limited set of friends & specialists.

Once we feel confident in the current iteration, we'll make new servers available on a rolling basis. Rest assured that you'll be among the first who can reclaim their privacy.

Thanks for signing up, we all need this.